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Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Afternoon viewers, or probably morning for you, I have been held up slightly with a few distractions, but have at last found sometime to catch the umm many of you who who like to know what is happening.

Okay, well I’m going to start with the Halong bay Cruise. We left our previous hotel, Tam Coc, at around 7:30 in the morning, waking up at six for me and having a ceremonial last swim to finish the experience off. We were heading for the bay and arrived at about 12. Our boat took a while to arrive and so we were stuck waiting in a stuffy lobby with many, many other people. Eyzie told me that we were with four other people on the boat, so nine of us in total. I started looking around for a family of four. Funnily enough, there was one right next to us. They were Australians and had two girls, making four.

Our time had finally come. A Vietnamese manager of the cruise said that the boat had arrived and so we and yes the Australians, I know I’m an amazing guesser, headed onto a smaller boat which took us to the main one out in the bay. At the beginning it was a bit awkward, seeing as we were the only two families on the boat we kinda had to talk. After a bit though it was fine. Our first activity was kayaking which we did around the islands. We visited two caves which in one of them lead out to a salt-water lake on the island and the other lead out to a cove which had a swimming area. By then we were saying g’day mate and the aussies were saying, look at that “Brilliant” cove. So no awkwardness anymore. Meanwhile our parents had peeled off back to the boat, getting a bit dispirited, after realising there was no goal to our kayaking trip.

When we got back to the main boat, we had a showering got changed ready for dinner, which was incredible. There was no ordering just a set menu, but everything was equally delicious so it didn’t matter. We tried some night squid fishing that evening, with no luck though, and other than that we didn’t really do anything after dinner except talk about the differences between Australia and England.

The next morning we had breakfast really early. There was a 6:30 Tai Chi session which of course nobody went to. Breakfast was fruit and eggs of any sort. The reason breakfast was so early was because we had to have brunch at 11:30 before we left which was not so good. Maybe because brunch was served after the review we each had to give. Anyway it was a bit sad coming back to the bay and leaving the islands, but everyone was pleased having got to experience it at all.

I think I’m going to go only into detail for some things now or this blog is gonna be way to long and boring for anyone to want to read. So, we went back to our old, old hotel called Maison D’Orient for two more days via taxis, stopping off at a huge service station that we had no choice stopping at as the driver wanted a coffee and we couldn’t argue because he didn’t really speak any english. We got back to the hotel at around 3:30 and didn’t really do much that afternoon except stand under plastic covers as the streets filled with water from the everlasting rain. We managed to find a place to have a drink whilst is rained, and rained, and rained outside. Apparently it had just opened and it was so good so we decided we would come back for lunch the next day. I know sorry I’m not really stopping putting a lot of detail in. I’ll stop now. After the rains had stopped we went back to the hotel and only went back out again for dinner. I didn’t have any though as I felt sick and my ear hurt and so stayed at the hotel.

The next day mine and Ned’s ears were both really painful so we went to the doctor and found out that I had an ear infection called otitis externa which was because of swimming in the dirty waters. Ned had a middle ear thing. He had medication and I was told to come back at four later that day. For lunch we went back to the place and had calamari and spring rolls, which were very good. That afternoon I went back to the doctors and it wasn’t getting better so I got antibiotics, but was told not to take them for a few days to see if it would get better.

The following day we got up a little early for our flight to Singapore. After arriving we had the most amazing drive from the airport to where we were staying. It was filled with avenues after avenues of flowers and palm trees and the was no rubbish anywhere. Though one thing we notices was on the back of our immigration card it said DEATH FOR DRUG TRAFFICKERS and so we made a joke about dad as he was in charge of mine and Ned’s (drugs) and how he should watch out. Anyway we arrived at The Tanglin Club. Went to our rooms, looked around a bit, played some billiards and had Dinner. For which I had pasta followed by pizza. Yes I know, no judging.

The next day Ned and I got up early-ish and went to the sports centre looking at the gym which was a bit of a mistake as, as we will find out for the next few days we both were really stiff. At around 11:30 we left for the botanical gardens walking through a rainforest to get to the orchid section. In which I took many photos which you will see. After that we went to have lunch at a place called the White Rabbit where the was a hole in the wall and Arthur kept asking if we could see the white rabbits through the rabbit hole. I had truffle chips followed by truffle gnocchi which was surprisingly cheap. After lunch we went to the zoo and for the first time ever saw white tigers and leopards. Yes there are pictures. Then back to the club for the rest of the afternoon and then SUSHI at a sushi bar for dinner, which of course being sushi was delicious.

Okay getting close to the present now for those of you who are getting bored and haven’t already stopped already. To be honest I would be surprised if anyone was still reading. Ok, the next morning we had to get up at 5:30 for our flight to Darwin. Which was four and a half hours. We arrived with a perfect temperature and a cloudless sky. Quickly organising our car rental and heading for our Hotel. Which is where I’m writing this now. That evening we went to a giant like climbing area right next to our hotel and then Ro and Eyzie went out for dinner and Ned and I watched a movie in our beds. Now I have just woken up and had breakfast our parents our at the market stocking up supplies for Litchfield park. So I am writing this now to catch up if you would like to know what is going on.

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