Singapore Sling

Really only a day and a night in Singapore. Eyzie snicked us into The Tanglin Club on the back of her Cavalry and Guards Membership. Exactly what you might expect from a colonial club; we were met by rather a fierce receptionist and a Very fierce set of rules.



We were pretty much frozen to the spot, amusingly next to The Wall of Shame, an outing of all those members who had erred from the path.

Went to the Botanical Gardens; truly amazing, with one of the finest Orchid collections in the world. Plans are now afoot to introduce running water to the end section of Poynty Greenhouse and have our own bit of Singapore.

Not a big fan of the Zoo, but Singapore Zoo is incredible. All the animals you would expect and more. The stand out thing was that they were hardly caged and appeared to be staying of their own free will.

Everyone said “you simply must have a drink at Raffles”. I’m afraid we have bad news; Raffles is now pretty much a shopping centre with no entry to the bar from the front. You are forced to walk past a myriad of shops, airport style, to reach your destination. We did it, only to be told of a 20 minute wait. Pulled out and went for Sushi.

Now on the plane to Darwin

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