It's the 4th August again

4th August 2019: I spent the morning downloading yesterday's Telegraph and Times before we raced to catch the Sunday ferry to Manly Beach. We spent a delightful afternoon lunching at a beachside grill, where Ned consumed another mega-burger and Louis took refuge with his fried calamari friends. Meanwhile, Arthur stuck by his stalwart colleagues, the pasta trees (sauce on the side, no butter). The sun was shining and all Sydney-siders agreed that it was particularly clement weather for the time of year.

5th August 2019: The witching hour approached. We were to visit the ends of the earth and run the Kiwi gauntlet before emerging into the sunlit uplands of Mo'orea. Everyone said that it would be hard, even for Gandalf who filmed a movie about Mount Doom there. I bought some Clarins face wash at the airport, which was sealed until we reached the final destination. Alas, Mordor took it away as it was 25ml over the limit in a sealed bag. We fled in to what we believed to be the future.

4th August 2019: We arrived at Tahiti Airport and the sun was shining. We took off our sou'westers. Everyone in Tahiti agreed that it was particularly clement weather for the season, if a little cooler than usual. Louis thought that we were two hours ahead although a day behind. Ned thought that we were two hours behind but a day ahead. I tried to download yesterday's Telegraph and Times, but it turned out to be tomorrow's edition.

Anyone care to take our bets for racing over yesterday's 8.30 Today programme tipster?

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