Good Morning Vietnam!

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Day 2 and we've landed in Hanoi. Louis at the helm, Arthur top notch walker and Ned Potts better at a map than any one ever met.

This morning we set off into the busy streets of Hanoi. After each corner we were pestered with many “street vendors” offering us fake money. We were heading for the lake in the centre, which had an ancient temple located on an island in the middle. Then we looked around the streets for a bit. We bought some hats and shoes all for extremely low prices using our natural hustling skills. After a bit it was getting quite hot and sweaty and so we decided to find a bar or somewhere to get a drink that had air conditioning. Then after a while we decided to get something to eat and so we headed for a recommended restaurant called the Blue Butterfly. We made a reservation and then as it was a little early we went to look at another temple, to find something to fill up the time. In the end it was being renovated so we didn’t really get to see it. After a mild disappointment we went back to the Blue Butterfly and had a feast, taking the opportunity of the cheap prices to try many, many different types of food. After our stomachs were full and Arthur was crying we hurriedly left, heading in the general direction of the lake again as it was very close to a water puppet show we were watching in the afternoon. On the way we stopped off at a clothes shop where Ned and I got suits made which we are picking up later, and Eyzie and Arthur got some Vietnamese new clothes. It was almost time for the show and so we left with smiles on our faces knowing we would finally have some suits of our own. We arrived at the show, sighing in relief as we hit the air conditioners inside. As it started, unique instruments helped to develop the story and the emotion of the show. It was very calming, to the point that Dad and I fell asleep (for a short while). On the way back we were all a bit tired and so we got one of those three wheeled bike taxis back to our hotel

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