Blue Butterfly

“THERE’S A WOMAN IN HERE!” screeched a mechanical voice at Arthur and Roland, who were standing meekly in line for a pee at the Blue Butterfly. At last, an Australian of a certain age, whose privacy the voice had been concerned with, emerged in fits of giggles. “Was that you?” she asked. Arthur shook his head gravely. “No. But you are a woman and you were in there. It must have been you.”

“THERE’S A WOMAN IN HERE!” roared Arthur, as he ran down the stairs of the tunnel house. It was an appalling piece of news. But the aforementioned Australian lady had already taken her place at the next door table and confirmed that there had indeed been an intervention in the upstairs loo. We spent the rest of lunch testing the mechanical voice standing up and sitting down, but it failed to repeat its warning.

Ned is on a mission from Pho. It all started with a double portion of Pho Bo in Hong Kong and has progressed over the past week in Vietnam to spreading the ten commandments of Bo. Some days, breakfast, lunch and dinner have been dedicated to Pho Bo. In the recent convert’s words, “each spoonful feels like a single step in a thousand miles”. More to follow from the Great Pho himself over the coming weeks.

The lads’ suits are back from the tailors and very chic they look too. Photos to follow but Louis is not feeling brilliant and so poses are postponed until tomorrow.

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