Arrival in Sydney

Just arrived in Sydney after 6 days in Port Douglas which I’m going to summarise our time there as surfing, swimming, snorkelling, fishing, relaxing and visiting Daintree

rainforest. I haven’t written anything in a while due to the the remaking of the website but I don’t think I can catch you up on 12 days of the holiday. Also I think Ro and Eyzie are going to do some catching up so I’m going to start from now.

The plane journey was more enjoyable than most due to me getting a particular seat by the window and seeing the blue and turquoise ocean with islands surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef. Only being pestered by Ned wanting me to swap places with him, saying “I would enjoy the view more than you”, which was like asking someone I if you can have something of theirs cause you like it more than them. Outside the window, the clouds creating shadows looking like lakes upon the square sectioned endless land of Australia. The temperature was 14 degrees centigrade when we arrived as it is winter here, luckily I packed my jumper in my backpack. To be honest I pack everything in my backpack when we were measuring the weight of our bags for check in reasons it was almost the same weight as my actual bag. You could tell you were getting closer to the sea as the clouds were getting bigger. we started descending and passed Sydney opera house, landing and heading for our hotel.

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